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Roots Blower
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Model: HDLH 50 to 350

HDLH Series Three Lobe Roots Air Blower

(with ISO9001:2015 & EAC & CE certification)

1. Roots Blower Specifications:

Blower Model                   


Pressure Rise/mmAq        



0.15 to 2.92

1000 to 8000

0.55 to 7.5


1.09 to 5.17

1000 to 8000

0.65 to 11


1.28 to 8.64

1000 to 8000

1.5 to 15


2.74 to 13.36

1000 to 8000

2.2 to 22


5.65 to 24.66

1000 to 8000

3.5 to 37


9.61 to 31.84

1000 to 8000

4 to 55


2. Main Application:

Sewage Treatment System, Cement Plant, Electric Power Plant, Metallurgy Industry, Chemical Plant/ Fertilizer Plant, Paper Producing, Printing Plant/ Textile Mill, Food Plant, Aquaculture.

HDLH series three lobe root air blowers for shrimp farming aeration.jpg

3. Blower Advantages:

   1). Low noise level, low energy cost.

    2). Fast start, easily operating. 

    3). Oil free, no oil pollution. 

    4). Have in storage, short time delivery available. 

    5). Both whole set roots blower and bare shaft blower are available. 

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Huadong Blower uses plywood crates for package. This type package doesn't need fumigation. It is strong enough for transporting by sea and by air. If blower is in big size, we will add steel frame inside the package for support. 

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We accept delivery by sea, air, or railway. Delivery term is decided by roots blower's size & quantity you ordered. Pls confirm the accurate roots blower delivery time with us before purchase. 

6.After-sale Service:

12 months' warranty since you received our roots blowers. 

24 hours online service, we will give you a satisfied solving plan within one hour.

Installation and debugging service are available, technical training available, too.

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