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Roots Type Blowers Used In Gas Boosting Systems:

In Gas Boosting Projects, roots type boosting blower is warmly welcomed for its wide range of pressure rise and capacity. What’s more, for conveying special gas, our engineers designed gas transporting blower with special sealing type, explosive or corrosive proof. There’re hundreds of blower models waiting for your choosing in Huadong Blower.


As a rich experienced gas boosting blower manufacturer, we have many success application cases. Bellowing are some cases for your reference:


1. Coal Mine Gas Boosting BlowerHDSR200, piston ring sealing, explosive proof.


HDSR roots blower for coal gas.jpg HDSR roots blower for coal gas boosting.jpg HDSR series three lobe roots blower for coal gas.jpg

2. Steel Plant Coal Gas Boosting Blower: HDSR350, 19.6kpa, 161m3/min


Roots blower for coal gas in steel plant.jpg steel plant coal gas boosting roots blower.jpg roots blower for coal gas in steel plant.jpg

3.  Biogas Boosting Blowers In Malaysia: 

Roots blower for landfill project.jpg roots blower for landfill biogas engine.jpg roots blower for landfill biogas engine.jpg

4. Palm Oil Plant Biogas Boosting Blower in Indonesia:

Roots blower for landfill biogas boosting.jpg Roots blower for biogas system.jpg Roots blower for landfill system.jpg

5. Biogas Blower In Biogas Generation Project:

HDSR series zero leakage blower for biogas in biogas generation system.jpg HDSR series zero leakage blower for biogas in biogas generation system.jpg.jpg HDSR series zero leakage blower for biogas in biogas generation system.jpg.jpg

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