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We insist to be professional! 

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     As a professional manufacturer of roots blowers for such a long time, Huadong Blower has an experienced service team including sales, technical, aftersale service, production, quality control, etc. Our team has been servicing customers from different area and countries since 1980s. Under the joint effort of our team, our roots blower has been warmly welcomed and widely used in more and more projects all over the world. What's more, many customers from other countries specify to purchase our roots blowers for their engineerings. Now let's make an overview of our team members: 

General manager
Administration Dept.,

Production Dept.,

Technical Dept.,
Quality Dept.,Sales Dept.,Aftersales Dept.,

Planning Dept.,

Finance Dept.,

Personnel Dept.,

Machining Dept.,

Installation Dept.,

Welding Dep.,

Technical Dept.,


 Inspection Dept.,

Domestic Dept.,

International Dept.,

E-Business Dept.,

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